The question is not whether we want to reduce our dependence on cash. Of course we do - for the sake of our sanity and security. No, the real question is what is the best way to accomplish this?

What if there was a way to adopt a system that gives us all the benefits of being modern and cashless, but without the burden of new infrastructure and heavy fees?

There is a way. Welcome to JAD.

Business Advantages

  • Open your FREE business account online in 8 minutes
  • No special equipment needed. Use your own smartphone and PC
  • Enjoy a flat 2% aquisition fee - no minimums
  • Manage and track all of your acitivity online
  • Instant settlement and access to funds
  • Next-day cash out available

Tools & Services


Collect payments quickly and keep your business moving


Put your JAD code on your invoices so that people can scan and pay.


Save a check. Take care of your expenses with the same ease you collect.


We have daily, weekly and monthly reports already built-in for you to view and download

Cash Out

Get your money whenever you want, with a check or direct deposit. Its up you.


If you have employees or business partners, add them to your business account

How do we stack up?






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